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Re: Friday News

Congratulations on another superbly realized set under impossible circumstances. As we used to say in the Army, "Keep your head low and on a swivel."

Re: Friday News

Every frday with news from Strelets is a good opening for the weekend.
Wonderful soldiers which we will see hopefully once in our shops. Please don´t forget the Bavarian Mounted Grenadiers, the Prussians or the Hungarian Hussars.
Please stay safe and beware your lifes in these terrible times.

Re: Friday News

Dearest Strelets Team,

Thank you once again for your Post Cards From Ukraine! You may get tired of me saying this but it is absolutely the best part of each and every week for me to see these delivered electronically. I live in a rural area between two small cities in the U.S. and some of my neighbors now fly Ukrainian Flags along with the U.S. Flag. I think they are Veterans.

Thank you also for posting your Masterful Masters of new soldiers just waiting to be immortalized history. I think your WSS Range will become another Range that will be sought after by Collectors for many decades to come. Amazing details. Just like your Crimean Range.

з повагою, GC