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Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time......huh????

I agree with your point as Strelets are wanting us to keep us in the loop with their regular updates. I suggested a simple carton purely as a way of simplifying one of their process as I am sure they want to keep their staff and family safe and employed. I feel its not too much for us to give up as it allows us to support the most innovative figure company that we have all enjoyed and supported for decades.


Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time

Dear Allan,

as a matter-of-fact, we placed yesterday an order for yet another picture for our WSS series, hence going against your suggested trend:slightly_smiling_face:.
While they can, people (as well as the companies) should climb up, shouldn't they:wink:?

Best regards,


Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time

Dear Strelets, that's the spirit! Stay safe and rest assured that you'll always have the support of your customers and fans of your products!

Great news!

Hi Strelets,

Great news about the new artwork. I love your WSS boxes! Keep safe and carry on!


Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time—wonderful Strelets; boxes part of the caper

Sensational Strelets!

(I guess that this is where dispersed value chains come to the fore?)

Hopefully those lovely Austrian/Bavarian/Dutch cuirassiers, Bavarian/Austrian infantry and Napoleonic Russian jägers in winter dress will be able to make the light of day. I'll gladly do my teeny, tiny, miniscule bit and break my budget for the year!

Boxes are all part of the joy for me. I keep 'em all, cut up in scrap books, to admire and enjoy the artwork, images of the figures and any other snippets/info. printed on the back.

Regards, James

Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time—wonderful Strelets; boxes part of the caper

The folks producing the boxes and the art work are part of the Strelets family too. Perhaps they could use our support as much as the sculptors and casters.

Good news about the new WSS picture, if looks anything like Irish Piquets or Royal Eccossois I'll be happy to buy it.

Keep Calm and Buy Army Men

Keep Calm and Carry On.

My wife and I were discussing this just today. People carry on their lives as best as they can with any crisis. War, tornado, pandemic, it's all the same. Singers and dancers will sing and dance for the soldiers and war workers while the bombs are falling not far away, just to give them a little enjoyment before they go back to the front.

The insurance must be paid, the rent, the utilities, and of course, the taxes. So having products to sell, particularly for export that have no strategic value is very important. So buying products from Ukraine helps in many ways.

Give to the charity of your choice, help in whatever way you can, prayer, money, skills, lobbying your government. But it's okay to buy army men too. And knowing we will buy them in a plain box, or plastic bag is a form of encouragement to Strelets that we love their products and understand their problems and want to help in our small way.

Right now I am cutting the Cresout Long Tom 155mm Gun with Boer Crew figures off the sprue. A while back I got one box. I liked them so well I got three more just a couple weeks ago. They are very similar guns to an American 5 inch siege gun model 1890, 70 were made. I am using the Boers as a militia gun crew.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Generic Box to save Strelets money and time

Dear Strelets, your spirit is admirable. Our thoughts are with you day and night. I feel helpless and wish there was more our governments will do to help your cause.
Thank you for continuing to feed our hobby in spite of the dreadful dangers you have to face. Please stay safe.