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Re: Contributions.

I really appreciate all the contributions of painted figures, great to see such detail such as lace and piping , although as a gamer rather than a diorama modeller or collector my figures are painted in a rather basic style, not too bothered if they aren't 100% accurate. I recall back in the 80s i painted up some Airfix acw union troops as British riflemen, totally inaccurate but i didn't care,they were ok for me.
I must admit than i'm moving to painting up units in basic colours and just having generic armies rather than loads of accurate but unused figures.
I agree Pat. Plastic armies, as with any collection, are down to individual teaste, and for gaming purposes basic colours undoubtedly work well.

Having regular Contributions posted here on the Strelets website provides a great deal of inspiration and enjoyment to us collectors/modellers/painters/gamers. I very much hope that, despite all the troubles in the Ukraine at present, Strelets will be able to continue hosting these images.