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Re: Forum Hat news ?

Thank you for this insight Gerd, most interesting. Information beats opinion anytime.

Re: Forum Hat news ?

It is sad about HaT, I believe that illness was the main factor in the change from a prolific producer down to what it is now. I'm still waiting for the promised (and sculpted) baggage camels.

We had a good repartee going, and just like Alan, my face appears on some of their boxes.
O, such heady days.
Same here; my family got a kick out of Dad/Grandpa being "famous."

Re: Forum Hat news ?

How did you guys get your pictures or likenesses on the boxes? Which ones? There's a story there me thinks.

Re: Forum Hat news ?

I'll let the others speak for themselves, but I'm on the 7YW Austrian Action box as a grenadier and the ACW Confederate Infantry box. Over the years I developed a personal correspondence with H and one day the question came up if I'd send in a picture to be the face on a box so I sent in a couple old shots of me in my prime... I imagine it was the same way with the other guys more or less. As I said, I got a kick out of it.

Re: Forum Hat news ?

The ACW command set is me, Wayne is the ACW marching ,Sander who is not very active here is the 7yw command . The story is we were active for a long time on the old forum and a trust was built over time, looking back I think it was a thank you for loyalty shown over a lot of years.

Re: Forum Hat news ?

To Marco Zappa >>

It's good to hear that HAT will continue.
But especially if you have production and delivery problems, then you have to give this information to your customers. In today's world, a lack of activity and poor customer care is a great danger for a company. Communicate openly and actively with your customers about the current problems and your plans for the future.

You will find a lot of understanding.....but silence and passivity will drive your customers away...