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Any unwanted figures ?

Pleased to see the Strelets staff are still online and posting updates of future sets.

I know a couple of other forum members have asked about getting hold of out of production sets etc recently , so here's mine.

Its bad timing to ask this , but does anyone have any unused figures or a sprue from the MO17 ww1 Russian infantry in winter uniform ?
Ive got the dragoon set, just need some extra fur hats.
Had a good search , but seems to be out of stock everywhere.

Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Here are a couple of options:

I have purchased from both of these fellas on numerous occasions and would recommend either/both.

Regards, James

Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Thanks James, the Italian shop doesn't have any and the ebay store does have it , but for a small order the postage is pricey.
Looks like i will have to do plan B using the hats from the gasmask set and convert figures.


Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Maybe the Revell Soviet Cossack cavalry set is easier to find, their heads (caps) could be an alternative.

Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Good idea, forgot Revell did these.

Re: Any unwanted figures ?

The Strelets Box A011 Armoured Car Austin-Putilov includes 12 Figs of the M017 Box.


Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Check the Sentry Box website - they have a lot of OOP Strelets product.

Re: Any unwanted figures ?

Thanks for all the help everyone, much appreciated.