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Re: Engineer Bacevich and Chintoy

Like anyone needs another reason to hate Putin.

Re: Engineer Bacevich and Chintoy

... sad news. Hope we will seen again new products for our hobby. The chinese are Covid locked down and Haet as company permafrozen.

Re: Engineer Bacevich and Chintoy

"...despite the difficult situation, in the near future we are NOT planning to increase the price of the products of the Soldiers of Engineer Basevich brand. This applies to previously released sets...
As for the release of new sets "CHINTOYS" and "Soldiers of Engineer Basevich", then, unfortunately, there is nothing to please here. Due to a sharp rise in the cost of materials, work and logistics, the releases have been postponed indefinitely."
( )

It was written 31 March, when 1$ costed about 100 russian Roubles (two weeks earlier was 120). Today it costs 75 Roubles, so cost of materials, work and logistics can become lower.

Re: Engineer Bacevich and Chintoy

Since the Western sanctions, due to the crash in the value of Roubles against the US Dollar, it takes more of their Roubles now to pay for services, raw materials, wages/labour (higher cost of living), so makes manufacture and their business model less profitable now. Although I think their Chintoy line looks great, it was already too expensive for me (GBP20 for 8 figures) to buy. And so their higher brand line (Engineer) forget it. Raising their prices was not really a viable I guess the actions of their Government has put them out of business.