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Normans old and new cavalry

Hi there,

is there any chance to get the new norman horsemen out of the big box without any bigbox (which isn't everywhere that easy anymore)?

I mean, have the new-sprue-sets of vikings & anglosaxons worked well or to bad to make the same thing with cavalry?

Would be interesting.

Even a mix of norman knights, norman cavalry, norman cavalry marching and some of the new horsemen would be nice.

Re: Normans old and new cavalry

I have been looking for a big box set in the UK for some time, but would settle for buying the sets piece meal if there were no other option.

Re: Normans old and new cavalry


and if the 'norman' range seems to be not selling good enough, from my pint of view, they can even call it 'late frankish border patrol' or what ever they find funny enough :grinning: .