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Re: Plenty of action from those mounted Boers

Like James I was unable to study the detail on Alessandros contribution. This is not unique as many of us aren't as adept at photography as we would like to be. However from a distance they look a rough and ready lot who I would avoid on a Saturday night. I was unfamiliar with this particular set and consulted PSR in order to have a closer look. Having done so I think they could well fit in as irregulars in a ACW setting. I am not an expert on this period but I have watched an awful lot of Westerns.
Thank you for showing this fairly early set of Strelets and it shows how far they have come.

Re: Plenty of action from those mounted Boers

Yes, a fine Contribution and those Boers certainly seem to mean business, charging at you - 'Boer-ing down on you' in fact! - and brandishing all manner of rifles and pistols.

As James and Paul have suggested, a couple more close-up photos would be nice.

Well done!

Re: Plenty of action from those mounted Boers

Dearest Strelets,

Thank you for posting the Mounted Boers. I do have your complete Range of both Boers and British sets. It had such an amazing history for those who like to study as well as collect figurines. Your Range is simply awesome and another one in my many complete Ranges I've collected of yours.

Maybe you have some photos of some of your Long Toms or Pom Pom Guns you could post in a pinch.

Anywho, thank you again for making available to your Hobby Family such lively figurines. And please, please, please take care of your family, friends and pets.

Faithfully yours, GC

Re: Plenty of action from those mounted Boers

I have lived in several Western American states, and now live in rural Kentucky. I think most of the Boer War figures would work for the period of about 1850 to about 2022 or later. The only limitation is the weapons. Some of the newer rifles and pistols would not work before the period of the Boer War but apart from that the clothing is still in use in some parts of the USA even today. Hats have mostly either gone out of style or changed to baseball caps and cowboy hats but a simple head swap would fix that problem.

I don't actually "do" the Boer War but have purchased all the figures (I think) and plan on buying a few more to use as American militia and civilians for several time periods. They would also work well for the Boxer Rebellion.

There are over 7 million horses in the United States today. About 2 million are kept as pets. The others are working horses in racing, ranching, farming, or transportation. I see people riding horses or riding in horse drawn wagons all the time around here.

Thanks for a great series of figures.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Plenty of action from those mounted Boers

I agree the Boers sets, especially the second of the two dismounted sets, are really useful and will serve in my VBCW forces. I'm also thinking they might be OK for Anglo-Irish War, Irish Civil War, 1920s and 1930s US industrial conflict and any civilian militia types from about 1900 upto the late 1930s. They work quite well with Redbox Boxer Rebellion civilians, gangsters and US cops and civilian sets. Not so much use for the mounted Boers in scenarios that interest me but I would still have liked to see some more pictures of these with some close ups of individuals. Good work.