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PSR Reviews

Hello again! I am currently reorganizing the units inside my brand new 1/72 scale cardboard box. It is the only moving box I have. :joy: The Ancient Germans (STRM035) seem to be staring pretty intently at the SPQR Romans (STRM089 and 102 with Italeri command), almost like they are some sort of 'food' to be 'hunted.' Scary times inside the box.

Anyway, I have been perusing around the pages of PSR as usual and, while we can all agree that it is a fantastic resource packed with info, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in seeing them re-photograph all of the sets they have on hand from their head-on perspectives? The intention would be to place these new perspectives alongside the detailed 'mugshots' they already have at the moment. In my opinion Strelets' sets usually do quite well in this regard, as their style looks more filled out when looked at from the side and front compared to what is offered by some companies, which often look very flat to my eyes. So would it be worthwhile for PSR to try and undertake a project like this (if they are willing/able naturally), or is this a waste of time? Interested to know your opinions.

Hope everyone is having days that are as safe and happy as possible! :hugging_face: :sunglasses:

Re: PSR Reviews

My one enhancement would be to include photos of their backs. I would like to see the equipment, backpacks etc. I'm disappointed that even their photos of the sprues do not show their backs

Re: PSR Reviews

Ahhh true, yeah. That would be nice too. :smile:

Re: PSR Reviews

Of course, manufacturers could do this too.

Re: PSR Reviews

Like all sites there are some problems but I do regularly looks at PSR. They do an excellent service for us buyers - saved me buying many 'turkies' over the years. I do not always agree with their comments but that life!

Possibility a mark out of 5 for orginality of subject and poses?:smiley:

Re: PSR Reviews

I'm sure I've seen it written somewhere on PSR that the figures are shown mostly side on because that's the way they fit on the scanner.

I might forgive the PSR guy if he didn't want to work out a whole new process with a camera to show the figures front on, but if he did, any extra views we get would be most welcome.