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First World War

The SYW has been arguably labelled the First World War. Apart from the conflict in Europe, war in the Americas, Africa & India (Plassey anyone?) make it an ideal field for any manufacturer with delusions of grandeur.

I, myself, am only interested in the European theatre where there are many gaps (Russian army???) but I know many, many others would love to dabble in the SYW fought elsewhere.

So. When are you starting, Strelets?


Seven Years War conversions

While waiting for a manufacturer to expand the available ranges, the only way forward is conversions. The simplest are paint conversions, I have recently acquired some Airfix Hussars to fight for Austria. Also the Napoleonic Saxon Cuirassiers are only a hat swop from fighting in both main armies. I also produced a regiment of British Light Dragoons via conversions before Italeri released theirs. Prussian artillery would be greatly appreciated.

Cut and paste

Also the Napoleonic Saxon Cuirassiers are only a hat swop from fighting in both main armies. .

I'm a glutton for punishment.

To create a unit of SYW Austrian cuirassiers, I used the Zvesda GNW dragoons & the Zvesda Saxon Cuirassiers - the former for their long coat tails & the latter for their breastplates:

To date, I've done one unit as it is a lengthy process.

I'd love to see photos of your work. As much as I like Strelets' forum, Bennos is far easier to post photos.


Re: First World War

I myself am more interested in the North American theater. All the frontier battles along the Canadian border are so fascinating. I would someday love to make a diorama series on the war with Fort Duquesne, Fort William Henry, Carillon, Louisbourg… I could go on. It’s a very interesting theater of the war to say the least.

Re: First World War

Asher Croy
I myself am more interested in the North American theatre. .

But I already cover enough (too many?) periods. The F&IWs are also more aligned to skirmish gaming & I largely prefer Big Battles. However, I think the potential popularity of this sub-period should also give Strelets reason to consider.


Re: First World War

I'm with you Asher. (By the way, you did receive my response to your email with the pdf that I sent 'by reply' all those weeks ago?)

The French & Indian War (La guerre de la Conquête) is a fascinating period. So interesting to read about and to recreate on the tabletop. Lots of different 'troops', albeit all on foot, numerous battles around the 'border' of the thirteen colonies and New France. Terrain, terrain and more terrain. As Peter Berry put it in his excellent Ranger! rules 'most of the tabletops is forest, with a few clear areas'. Makes for a wonderful campaign or series of linked battles.

Regards, James