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Re: 'Roman Senate in the Forum'...... in the Forum

Elegant, absolutely elegant!

I've always been in awe of Rome's contributions to history, and this Contribution helps immortalize how some of the laws or other rules came to be.

Strelet's Roman Range and Crimean Range are two of my favorites in my collection.

Bravo to Strelets for sculpting such fine figures and Bravo to Patrick Nylund for really bringing them to life.

P.S. I keep coming back to this time and time again to admire it! Pure enjoyment.

Re: 'Roman Senate in the Forum'...... in the Forum

Very different and very nice indeed.

Best wishes,


Re: 'Roman Senate in the Forum'...... in the Forum

Thank you and many thanks to you all for nice grades and comments. The forum is developed in 3D by Jack Palo ( after in collaboration with Jack Palo based on my wishes. A sister building; A small version of Roman Temple, more like a Shrine is under construction and development valid for the assassination of Caesar. The buildings are supposed to be in the center in a diorama of a Roman district where some other nice Strelets figures will also be present.

Patrick J. Nylund