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Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

Hi everyone! Hope all is going as well as it can in our respective areas. I have been doing some research on all the previously released sets by the company, attempting to ascertain what the campaign and opponents were for each series (in short, assessing the original intended 'context' of each). Naturally this can be altered by many of you talented artisans into whatever is desired, but for research purposes I also think it is interesting to record what each company produces and their individual thought processes behind their production. They have allowed me to learn more about the past and also given insights into modern historiographical trends (how we interpret past history is quite a fascination of mine).

So with that said, I have a couple of questions resulting from this research that maybe either you guys or Strelets can answer for me. They are as follows:

1) The first thing that jumps out at me is the two sets of Jacobites (STR066, 068). Were these intended to be paired with some British infantry for 1745, or were these always meant to collaborate with RedBox even though that line came out significantly later? Or were they produced for their own purposes and never meant to be paired with anything?

2) The second is the Mithridatic Heavy Infantry, sold by Linear-B (now A) but originally produced by Strelets. Was there ever a Mithridatic Wars line planned? Seems like a Linear-A/B inspired topic since they have gone heavily into the Hellenistic Wars since.

3) I really like the versatility of STRM005-006, now STR248 Medieval City Levy. I remain a bit flummoxed as to how they were originally meant to fit into the rest of the ranges though. Were these meant to be English or Scottish infantry for the Wars of Independence (see STR007, 014, 082, STRM117-118), or were they meant more for one of the Crusades?

4) And finally there are all the SPQR (or Roman Republican) sets, including STRM078-080, 087-090, etc. Whom were the originally intended enemy or enemies for these, or were there any? It seems like to me that at least the Republican Romans 078-080 may have been intended to face Spartacus' Army, and perhaps Caesar's Army as well for the Civil War. Is this true, or am I missing something?

:hugging_face: Hugs and well wishes for everyone as always! Strelets sets have inspired myself to do much research over the past 15 years, and I cannot thank you guys enough for that. :sunglasses:

Re: Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

Dear Babylonian109,

1. they were supposed to be accompanied by their British adversaries but then the project was postponed/abandoned in favour of other lines.
2. this set was made after specific order of Messrs Linear-B and distributed by them on exclusive basis. Their subsequent plans for the line have been unfolding since then.
3. these sets were supposed to depict some non-professional medieval militias (Zvezda's peasant warriors hadn't been made yet). They could face more or less every army of the period that had been there by then.
4. indeed, Republican Romans should have been suitable for both conquest of Gallia and/or Civil war.

Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

Thank you and best wishes! :sunglasses: :hugging_face:

Re: Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

I personally love questions like this. I’m always curious as to the process behind planning lines and making decisions about scrapping some in favor of others. If I had to ask a question like this, I’d be curious as to what the War of 1812 range was scrapped to make time for.

Re: Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

Worth noting that IMEX was also contemplating adding a War of 1812 back in the day, but it never materialized. This thread gives some conversion ideas for 1/72 plastics:

Interesting and quite strange war with an even stranger historiography that has traditionally varied widely between historians from the UK, Canada, and the different parts of the USA. Currently using JCA Stagg's 'The War of 1812: Conflict for a Continent' as my main go to at the moment, largely because from pages 171-186 he lists the hundreds of different sources available for just about anything related to the conflict.

Re: Some Questions About Past Strelets Sets

I agree completely Babylon. The historiography is so interesting. What originally drew me to the war though is simply the participation of the United States. The Napoleonic wars have always been one of my favorites to study, but I’ve always wondered what an American Napoleonic army would look like, yet because of the war of 1812 we know. There’s something about Americans in shakos that I just love. On top of that the actual battles and skirmishes of the war are pretty interesting as well.