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Re: Friday Post

Asher has put it so well.
Astounded that we keep having these previews of masters and looking forward to when the stupidity ends so that sensible things like production of figures can continue unhampered.
Regards, James

Re: Friday Post

Excellent work. I keep Ukraine in my prayers every day. I hope some day the only wars will be in miniature.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Friday Post

Excellent models as always! I have been reviewing all the previous offerings from the company and it really is great how far the hobby has come since the early 2000s, largely thanks to Strelets' efforts. The Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Longbowmen, Medieval Muslims, and Tecumseh's warriors are but a few of my favorites, even though I don't actually have half of them! :joy:

Hugs from the EU and NA. :hugging_face:

Re: Friday Post

Excellents, j'aime beaucoup. Mais ce qui m'importe le plus, c'est de savoir comment allez vous? Etes vous en sécurité? Et nos chers amis de RedBox et autres figurinistes, avez vous des nouvelles?

Restez en sécurité


Re: Friday Post

Another set of early war Americans, only the other day I desprued the first two sets with a view to painting them.

Re: Friday Post

Lovely masters Strelets.
I particularly like the two WW2 figures.
Poses suitable for portraying close quarters/hand to hand combat are few and far between among many era's. Yet history is full of heroic defenses of various forts, castles, towns, and of course farms etc. Where soldiers came into direct contact in a vicious & bloody struggle for control of a strategic place.

Personally, I have always wanted to see some Napoleonic poses in such combat. But most era's would benefit from such poses.
So well done on these two WW2 poses.

Re: Friday Post

As always good to see, the Russian sat firing I really like, but loading would be challenging. The two pacific WW2 poses wonderful to see the interaction, but not animated enough for two guys trying to stick a blade in one another, it`s look rather more like a dance than a fight to the death, but as a first attempt it is a start at filling a dirty great hole in the hobby.

Re: Friday Post

A fine and varied preview of new figures, much appreciated Strelets!

Re: Friday Post

Both the figures and your bravery.

Re: Friday Post

... again a very powerful sign of survival and bravery!
Thanks a lot for it. We all hope that peace will soon return ... and the small, pale man in Kremlin gone to hell ...

Can you give us please notice that your moulds arrived theirs shelter-destinations in Western Ukraine?
And what is with you and your relatives and friends?

Re: Friday Post

Dear friends

Great masters as always!

You are a brave country. We try to help as much as we can with the families that have to leave the country.

Hope this nightmare ends and Ukraine saves his independence. You deserve that.

I specially like napoleonics in greatcoat but the Ww2 and the succesion wars’ are fantastic masters

Saludos desde Barcelona

Re: Friday Post

Yes! Great Masters!