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Thanks for the Update and a Question?

Wonderful sets, I hope they are able to enter production that I may buy them some day.

My wife let me buy over 30 sets of Strelets figures and they were just delivered a couple days ago all the way from Hannants in the UK to rural Kentucky, USA. Just a small way to show my support for Ukraine and Strelets in particular.

What are some good places to donate money that can help the brave people of Ukraine to achieve victory in this present war?

Thank you for the continued communication and may God bless you all.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Thanks for the Update and a Question?

Hi Mike,

I have been thinking about that very subject as we all have varied periods of interest, perhaps Strelets could do a couple of generic terrain sets i.e boxes barrels and barricades one for earlier periods that could be used by all of us.

This would allow us to show our support and they could also do a more more modern set that could cover later periods.

If anyone has any other ideas as it might be a quick way for us to help strelets raise funds quickly, please post them here . I am sure generic boxes, barrels would be no problem for strelets sculpting team.They could also ship them in a simplified packaging to reduce costs

My heart goes out for everyone affected and I would recommend using charities that are well known and in the uk our government will add to you donation by the gift aid promise.

In Scotland one of our football teams, (Hibernian FC) sponsored a large group of children from an orphanage to come to Scotland, so hopefully the little ones will get some peace. so well done to the hibees

Stay calm and safe everyone

Re: Thanks for the Update and a Question?

If you want to help, then the Red Cross DEC have a Ukraine fund you can donate to. They are the experts at getting what is needed to the populace in war zones. Just Google it.