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Saxons provide a different Angle

Really colourful Anglo-Saxons Alan and a nice change from more modern, desert topics.

I am especially impressed with the banners and shields. Top stuff, naturally, again.

Regards, James

"Non Angli, sed angeli"

as the Pope himself said of Alan's figures.


Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

Oh my, Alan, was not expecting a pre-1789 topic! Very well done, love the glorious banners that will surely scare away those Norsemen... or at least lower the amount of money they pay them in negotiations. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

Hello whats this then?
Not a hint of Khaki or sand anywhere?!

Wonderful work Alan. As James mentioned, the work on the shield designs is impressive.

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

A "typically" impressive job - if not a typical subject for you! Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

A fine and definitely non-deserty job on these Anglo-Saxons. The large flag is particularly impressive, although I cannot quite pin down its origin. Well done!

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

Thanks once again, Alfred the great is my interest rather than 1066 and all that ,so the tear drop shields are a tad premature, the flag, I can`t remember where I got it, but when I stumble upon a source of things I like/may need , if I can I buy it in anticipation, knowing that I will either forget as in this case, or the maker is no longer around as in so many cases in our hobby, I have boxes of one day I am going to use that stashed away.

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

Once again, I'm late to the party. There has certainly been a brisk turnover in contributions, you turn your back for a couple of days, ah well.
In an effort to catch up, once again congratulations Alan. The colourful and eye-catching display benefits from your unique photography.

Re: Saxons provide a different Angle

Cool! Yeah I prefer the earlier stuff too like the Great Heathen Army and Alfred, but the 1066 line has its charms. Hoping somebody is able to delve a little more into Medievals in the future. It is the main era for Age of Empires II, so something that covers a few of the most pertinent unique units of that game (Mongolian mangudai, Mayan plumed archers, Ethiopian shotel warriors) would be a dream come true. :grin: