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'Struth..Australians in Advance

Well, 'Advance Australia Fair' as they say (or sing) in that stirring National Anthem, sung just before Rugby matches etc (often against England...:grinning: ).

A nice set of Aussie infantry here, Mr B, well tanned and suitably sun-bleached. The poses in this set work well when put together like this, and it is no surprise that this set seems to be selling well here in the UK. So OK, maybe a few more helmets would have been authentic, but the slouch hats look good and if you wish to create an Australian infantry unit for the 1941-43 western desert battles, this is ideal.

Well done to Alan, and to Strelets for creating a fine set.

PS: For anyone who wants to look up Australian slang ('Strine') look no further than:

Re: 'Struth..Australians in Advance

What a mob of bloody rippers Nora!

Regards, James

Re: 'Struth..Australians in Advance

These guys were prepped at the same time as the other Aussies, and are once again grainy, when I paint some more I will post an updated shot or two cobber's.

Re: 'Struth..Australians in Advance

Alan’s list of contributions (especially for the North African campaign) just keeps going! I love it. It’s nice to see such a nice set of figures painted so finely.

Re: 'Struth..Australians in Advance

Keep up the great work Alan!

Re: 'Struth..Australians in Advance

As others have said, great work again Alan.