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Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..

Fine work Gerd, well done!

Of course, an artillery piece as large as this would have other horse-drawn vehicles as well, including ammunition wagons, engineering equipment to enable the gun to be emplaced etc. So maybe more horse teams and carefully-modelled wagons to come....Maybe??!

Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..

Hello, if I find enough time and patience, I will maybe build such a team with 8 - 10 horses again. But probably not in the near future... for this you have to have very calm nerves... :fearful: :smiley:

Nice that you liked my limber with the heavy Parrott cannon.

Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..

An impressive model to say the least. Phenomenal work Gerd. Have you ever thought about making a tutorial on something like this? I for one don't have quite the ingenuity that you have, but would be willing to put in the effort if pointed in the right direction.

Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..

Hello Asher,

Thank you for your praise. I'm always happy when you like my projects. They're not always perfect, but I always like to try something new.

What should I make a tutorial about? About the research on the model? Or how to build such a team of horses? Or how to stage and photograph it well?

I wouldn't even know what to start with. Sometimes I see models or figures, but I don't like the way they are executed. Then I look for the originals on the internet and then start designing my own models or figures. Sometimes I then create conversions, but I now design some things with a CAD program and then create them with a 3D printer. Therefore, there is no clear scheme in my work. :wink:

And then, after weeks of tinkering, this is what comes out:

Or thinks like this..if i had a good day :smile: :

Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..

Wow! A very dedicated process. I guess I may need to practice my figure converting and contemplate investing in a 3D printer. Either way your projects always turn out beautiful. Keep up the work!

Re: Heavy 30 pd-Parrot Rifle....on the way..