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Ottoman Mameluks

Another fine Contribution by Norbert, following closely on from the mid-February image of charging Napoleonic Hussars. Once again, the sense of being 'in the way'(or 'in harms way') of a mass of charging horsemen prevails, and this time the power and glory resides with the Mameluks. Fine painting, I like the horses especially. Whether they operated in this reckless manner quite as close to the Sphinx is, perhaps, a matter for conjecture, but a stirring image nonetheless.

Well done!

Re: Ottoman Mameluks

Well done Norbert! The Mamelukes in their colorful robes and their richly decorated horses are impressive. The painting is excellent and the whole scene is well designed.

Re: Ottoman Mameluks

Full of colour and character! Top stuff Norbert.

Regards, James

Re: Ottoman Mameluks

The contributions are coming thick and fast at present. However not as fast as Norberts Charge. What a splendid and colourful scene. The riders are a suitably rough and gaudy lot and I'm with Minuteman regarding the horses. Seeing them in a setting is a plus. Thank you....

Re: Ottoman Mameluks

They are awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻