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Good to see them Aussies

Top stuff as ever Alan.

No doubt posted this week as a little tribute to Warnie. RIP King of Spin.

Regards, James

Re: Good to see them Aussies

Wonderful work again Alan.
Looking nice & "deserty"!

Re: Good to see them Aussies

Thanks Gent`s, I was worried about the Aussies, as I had a mishap, my plastic primer came out grainy, most was removed , but some remained and as strelets tend to super size photo`s there was a risk they would look worse than they actually are. Shane Warne, too young and truly saddened , top bloke, best leg spinner ever, and probably played in the best Aussie side ever. I would like to think that his life was shortened by spending too much time in bed with Liz Hurley, and he knew the risk and thought hell if I have to go early ,there are worse ways to go.....

Re: Good to see them Aussies

As dry, dusty and dangerous as the wicket at the WACA after a few weeks of Aussie heat...

Nice work, and even the chap in the raincoat looks good..although I still feel he is 'out of place' when set alongside the other figures. The Vickers MG team in this set is, IMHO, very good.

Well done to Alan, and Bravo Strelets!!

Re: Good to see them Aussies

Great job Alan!

Re: Good to see them Aussies

Fair dinkum ! I think I recognise Chips Rafferty...