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Re: Keep calm and carry on

To Strelets, those you love, and the amazing Ukranian people. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. You have shown the world how to deal with a tyrant. May you stay safe and free.

Re: Keep calm and carry on

Looks like Rowe's brigade assaulting the palisade at Blenheim...fantastic figures...praying for Ukraine....the world has gone mad.

Re: Keep calm and carry on

Heureux d'avoir de vos nouvelles. Prenez soin de vous. Que vive l'Ukraine.

Re: Keep calm and carry on

Dearest Strelets,

I just want to say it's Saturday at noon here in the U.S. and you and all of Ukraine are on our minds and in our prayers.

Thank you for still posting your masterful masters for us to enjoy, and we do! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you can know! And you, too - please carry on.

One of your toy soldier family - GC

Re: Keep calm and carry on

Des productions à venir ? qu'elle leçon d'espoir et de confiance dans le futur
Courage à vous
Les seuls soldats que j aime pour faire la guerre sont en plastique