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Re: Thank you Strelets

Ian Bruce
All best wishes from Scotland to the Strelets team. Stay safe, guys. The world is with you. More than 100 of my countrymen, all military veterans, volunteered yesterday to travel to Ukraine to fight by your side. They will not be the last. Slava Ukraini!
Yes, the free World is now starting to see what it can do, collectively, to help Ukraine. It is not just military veterans (and others) who wish to join the fight. Collections of many items to help the refugee crisis are already ramping up, and there will be massive support for those Ukrainians who, very sadly, have had to flee from their homes in the face of Russian aggression.

May we all do what we can, however small this may appear to be, to help.

Re: Thank you Strelets

Thank you very much:

Jan, that was one of the best posts ever on this forum. :clap:

Strelets, that was certainly the most relieving news that could reasonably be expected, given the circumstances. :+1:

Keep the spirit, stay safe, and let us know if there is something specific we can do for you! Regards, Pa