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Re: Usual stuff in unusual times

Yes i agree his arms need to be closer to his body, not out stretched. But at least theres no foradge caps and they have bayonets fixed.

Re: Usual stuff in unusual times

Alan Buckingham
The kneeling pose is not right, he cannot hold that position for long, it needs to be more "relaxed" so if required he can stay in position for some time.
Good point. He does look a bit awkward. I assume (& hope) there are other kneeling poses in this set which may look more natural.
Another thing I notice is he seems a little bit "large" compared to his pals who are standing.....moreso the middle pose shown. Or is it the middle standing pose is short?? But as mentioned, at least they have their bayonets fixed and so far no forage caps to be seen!

Then again, lets just hope that the staff at Strelets get the opportunity to even make the set anyway, and a great many more sets in the future.
I am certainly so glad to see the glimpse of a set I have really, really wanted, but right now, my thoughts are more concerned with those who contribute to its manufacture.

Again, they have my very best sincere wishes. Stay safe & look after yourselves Strelets.

Re: Usual stuff in unusual times

The butt of the musket needs to be a lot closer to the knee on the ground, and the kneeling guys knee (upright) is higher than the standing guys, now as we are all different heights that is ok for some , but not all poses.

Re: Usual stuff in unusual times

Stay safe dear friends