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PZB41 AT Gun and Crew

Sadly amongst all that's going on in our hosts country Alan's latest contribution has been overlooked. However as Strelets appear to be adopting a Keep Calm and Carry On attitude, may I take this opportunity to congratulate Alan on a fine addition to his ever growing catalogue. The painting, basing and photography are well up to his usual high standard. I'm not sure However whether the loader with the sun hat is getting ready to pass the shell or throw it. Perhaps he's quality control.
Thank you..

Re: PZB41 AT Gun and Crew

Well said Paul.

Yesterday did not seem the right time to praise Alan's work, but as you say, now we have heard from Strelets it is right for us Forum members to continue in that spirit.

So yes, some more fine work from Alan. Once again, some very good 'deserty' colours and fine brushwork, including on that very diminutive gun. Well done!

Re: PZB41 AT Gun and Crew

Thanks gents, but quite right, not the priority on the forum right now.