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Re: Thoughts are with the Strelets team today

My thoughts and prayers are with Strelets and the Ukranian people.
This is how dictators behave and wars start.
History is indeed repeating itself - this is how Hitler started.
Let us pray for sanity an d a peaceful resolution to this awful crisis.

Re: Thoughts are with the Strelets team today

My thoughts and best wishes for the Strelets team, their friends, families, and compatriots.


Re: Thoughts are with the Strelets team today

I hope all is well for our friends at Strelets and also for Haron at Redbox.

I can only hope that the bully pulls back when he finds his intimidation will not get him what he wants rather than committing further outrages. But if he believes that the only consequences of his actions will be a slap on the wrist and being told he's a naughty boy by the international community, what then?