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Re: That's metal times three

James Fisher
Ah Strelets you have done it again. Those Bavarian cuirassiers look the duck's nuts.

Thanks heaps,

Well, I couldn't have put it better myself, James! A wonderful Antipodean turn of phrse which I take to mean....

"These are fantastically good!!":grinning:

And they really are. Having spent many hours during the 2021 'lockdown', labouring to produce 18 Bavarian cuirassier figures based on Zvezda GNW with head swaps etc (and being reasonably proud of the result), now they will be eclipsed by this new set. My Bavarian Army might now have to have a full 'complement' of three cuirassier regiments rather than just one.

I am assuming that these armoured gentlemen will be mounted on the same horses that come with the British Cavalry (Late War) set? Or will there be some new horses?

Re: That's metal times three

I hoping they will on movement...

Re: That's metal times three

Yet another great looking WoSS set. Although as hard as I tried I could not find a difference in uniform between the Bavarian and Austrian Cuirassiers. Could they be used in unison??

Re: That's metal times three

The differences are minimal. From pictures it seems that the Bavarian cuirassiers had a helmet with a single nasal bar, while the Austrian helmets had none. But probably there were some variants, so I think you can use both. Another source says that the Bavarian cuirass was not blackened nor polished but of a dull steel colour.
They will certainly be fun to paint. However, if you want to go for historcal accuracy, most probably neither Austrians nor Bavarians were actually wearing the helmet during the WoSS but the tricorne. Seems Bavarians did wear the helmet only up to 1702 and the Austrians only when fighting the Turks. I'm still going to include them with helmets, just for the fun of it.