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Thank You To "The Babylonian109" for posting Link below ...

A big Thank you very much to TheBabylonian109 (TB109") for posting the link to a toy soldier seller in Russia who stocks rare and unknown soldiers. Back on January 2, 2022 TB109 posted a link to "Plastic Soldiers . com" aka "Toy Soliers For All Ages" in the Thread titled "Friday ist coming" started on January 1, 2022. When I copied and pasted the link into my browser I discovered ...

"Caesar miniatures 1/72. Mounted Roman General promo figure ... Special promo figure made by Caesar Miniatures. This figure you can see as logo on each Caesar’s box."

I am a big fan of Strelets Imperial Romans. This Caeser mounted figure looks right out of the famous Ben Hur movie. It is a perfect match made in a Dark Grey Colour. I sent an e-mail question and they answered w/in 24 hours. I ordered (3) and they arrived to me here in the U.S. from St-Petersburg, Russian Federation in two weeks and two days time. Wow! That's service. And again, a perfect match for Strelets.

So in Summary, Thank you, again TB109, Toy Soldiers . com, and Strelets, and Caesar, of course, too! All of you guys truly do provide toy soldiers for all ages! - GC

Re: Thank You To "The Babylonian109" for posting Link below ...

Excellent! Happy to help and hear about this success. :sunglasses: