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Re: British France 1940

Long overdue in this hobby
Certainly, needed as the HaT BEF in limbo and I am not holding my breath on whether it will ever appear.:rage:

The Zvezda sets are nice but they do seems to be gettig expensive and the vickers is unusual to say the least. I have not their height but Zvezda do have the tendency to be 25mm making them a tad taller than other manufacturers.

Like the ideas of defence and marching. Probably could do with with a HQ set to include sappers, red tabs and possibly some casual figures. Some wearing greatcoats would be useful.

Such sets could also be use for the French and Norwegian campaigns. There is also Sealion and the proposed BEF to assist the Finns against the Russians which was proposed by Churchill but never materialised.

Re: British France 1940

Yes badly needed in the same way Byzantines are.