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Re: Hospital Equipment

Thank you. With 200,000 + 1/72nd scale figures, I have neither the time nor inclination to paint more than a token number.


Re: Hospital Equipment

That’s definitely an area of modeling that is certainly overlooked. I’ve never seen anybody replicate medical equipment anyways. I also appreciate the research and time you put in to your projects. And wow, I can only imagine how one acquires 200,000 toy soldiers!

Re: Hospital Equipment

How does one acquire 200,000+ figures? Very simple.

I got my first figures at age 3 in 1958.
It has been my primary hobby for 63 years.

I don't drink or smoke or use drugs. All those cost money that could be spent on army men.

I got married and stayed married until my wife passed away after a chronic illness. I got married again 15 years ago. Getting divorced is expensive. Being single and dating is expensive. Being and staying married to an understanding woman that you love is easy.

I have worked from about age 15 until I retired at age 62. Having money to pay the bills is helpful and leaves money left over for army men. I have worked up to four jobs at once.

I have an allowance which has varied from a low of $1 a week in 1962 to $100 a week in the 1980s. It gets spent on hobby stuff or carried over to the next month. I ask for hobby stuff for Christmas, birthdays and etc.

When I went to college, the Army, and got married the Army Men moved with me to minimize the ability of the mother or wife to toss out the collection. That seems to happen to a lot of people.

Have friends who share the hobby so you can gather information about new sets and where to obtain them. Some friends are in person, and some are virtual, like the ones here.

Check out my Bunker Talk blog for 25,000 photos of my collection.