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Re: WoSS Historiography

Philip Ball
I have the Kannik book too - very nice but I think my introduction to the period was being spoon-fed the old Military Modelling magazine from an early age.
Never studied the period academically at school or after...
Interesting how a few, really good books get you inspired - or did when we were young and the Internet did not exist.

A top 4 or 5 for me were:

'Waterloo' by Henri Lachouque: Our school library had a copy and I made a bee-line to it every wet lunchtime

'Uniforms of the World' by Kannick as mentioned: ditto

'The Wargame' by Charles Grant

'The Armies at Waterloo' by Ugo Pericoli

Plus: Military Modelling Magazine: I still have c. 10 year's worth of back issues from the late 70s/early 80s stuffed in a couple of crates in the garage

Re: WoSS Historiography


Greetings from a stormy Britain. Interesting chat. As already said none of the 18th century history was taught in school. What filtered through was very Anglo centric - Blenheim and Marlborough, no mention that Britain did nt actually win the war!

Learnt about it, along with many other wars from wargaming and the history sections of the libraries at University and back home. Not critising the history syllabus, lot of history and not enough time to cover at school. Modern history is more relevant, accessible and important in these troubled times.

Was inspired by a similar set of books to Minuteman plus the Blandford series.

More interested in GNW until Strelets brought out this range then had another look. A very colourful period and busy painting up various contingents.

The two conflicts overlapped, so hopefully a set of Swedes in full Go Pa mode may come out to upgrade the earlier range?


Re: WoSS Historiography

Ps another ex Cossacks player, brilliant graphics at the time with Polish Winged Hussars!!

Re: WoSS Historiography

Right??? Cossacks was the first time I had ever read about the legendary reputation of the Winged Hussars, and man oh man they are powerful in the game. :smile:

Re: WoSS Historiography

Ahhh cossaks ! Des nuits devant le computer cigarette sur cigarettes ... Depuis je ne fume plus !

Re: WoSS Historiography

Nobody have plaques with "civilisation" de Sidi M'aider le top !!!