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Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

Hmmm. Good question!
Not so much the late 19th Century but for the mid-period, something like the 1st Anglo-Sikh War 1845-1846 would grab my attention. I would be interested in seeing the Crimean War with the better standards of sculpting remade too.

If I was to rank the conflicts I currently show or would show an interest in sets for......

1 Napoleonic Wars
2 American War of Independence
3 1st Anglo-Sikh War 1845-1846
4 War of 1812
5 Crimean War (remakes)

So I guess my main interest is the early to mid 1800s rather than the later period.

Now the AWI is obviously the later 1700s, but it would be good to see the American regular infantry & British given the Strelets type sets of "marching", "attack", "firing" treatment. Then as and when its possible for Strelets to fit it in, add the cavalry & artillery for them.
The Imex/Italeri figures just didnt give the war the best coverage in my opinion.

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

I think there is plenty of potential here for new sets. The Italian Wars of Unification have some good and some not so good sets from Waterloo 1815 and Lucky Toys but there are plenty of gaps to be filled. Many of the French Crimean War sets can be easily adapted for the Italian Wars. On the subject of the Crimean War it would be nice to see some new toolings of the Line Infantry sets.
I would be interested in sets for the Franco-Prussian War. The Emhar sets are a good start but Bavarian Infantry as well as Artillery and Cavalry sets for all involved are required.

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

I am with you there Roger. I would probably say that the American War of Independence and War of 1812 are probably at the top of my interests as well. I really feel that if Strelets gave the AWI the same coverage as the WoSS then it could be one of the best 1/72 ranges on the market. Such a diverse range of troops fought in the war across a variety of environments that I don't think there would be any lack of inspiration. The War of 1812 on the other probably wouldn't need extensive coverage, just the essentials would be nice. Expansion upon the ACW and Indian Wars would also be very welcome.

That being said my top 5 would probably be:

2.Seven Years/French and Indian
3.War of 1812
4.19th Century European Wars of Unification
5.Crimean War (redone)

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

For anybody interested in the battle of solferino check this out:

some pictures here:

Of course these are metal, but as long as there's nothing else ...

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

Thank you Flambeau! I'll be sure to relay the information.

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

i think we all would likes new sets made for other eras but i think it comes down to what sells.the ranges are hosts do must sell make a new range must cost a few bob to design if it money down the pan.and it. and would cut down the amount of the range of figures they are doing for ranges they released say 40 sets a year two years a go most were nappy over the two releases. then they started woss range and the nappy range reduced by 3 to 4 sets.i think as they make only so many sets a year there would have to be reduction in the ranges being made at moment. guys are crying out for sets to be made in ranges now being done. so its a catch 22 we all like to have new era sets but it comes at a cost

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

Don't forget the Wars in South America. The 1879-84 War between Chile, Peru and Bolivia is well worth looking into. The armies look like European armies and are equipped in a similar way, they just don't always fight like them.

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

I have been working on forces for the Crimean war using a mix of Strelets and Emhar figures filling the gaps with conversions and a few metals from Tumbling Dice. Many of the early Strelets sets are out of production and all but impossible to find, sculpting quality aside,so I had to get creative: British Line infantry came from Austrian Grenzers, mostly a simple paint conversion, while Russians were made from Prussian Landwehr. My Strelets guardsmen had to have command figures found in another manufacturer's Napoleonic command set, while my Turks are led by converted 1877 artillerymen!

Re: Mid-Late 19th Century Europe

I'm always surprised there aren't more sets made for these interesting and colourful conflicts. I guess once again its down to popularity and awareness. There is an absolute treasury of inspiration for the modeller and wargamer and so surely a niche that could be filled by an enterprising manufacturer? Unfortunately, people, even in the countries these events took place, often know little or nothing about them so I guess that would undermine sales against better known (if less colourful) conflicts.