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Re: Bavarian Firing Line

On a second glance: No grenadiers! Will we get some Bavarian grenadiers in the future? We surely need some!
I wouldn't exclude the possibility of Strelets making a set of Bavarian Grenadiers, but in case they don't you might consider the conversion that I used to make mine....HaT 1806 Saxon bearskins on the bodies and heads of figures from the 'French Infantry on the March (and also Advancing'set; or indeed, grafted on to the new Bavarian Firing Line figures..

Re: Bavarian Firing Line

Those look great, but looking at the original Saxons on PSR just gives me the creeps - soft plastic, and ugly, ugly figures ... You've worked miracles there, but can I bring myself to buy a box of these rubber gnomes? That will take a lot of thinking, besides it's a big box at 17,50€ over here, quite expensive. Guess I'll have a very close look at my old Airfix British grenadiers first. But thanks for sharing, very good job!

Re: Bavarian Firing Line

Asher Croy
As I went onto the Strelets homepage today I noticed that a new set of masters had been released. Being that the last masters shown were Bavarians in square for the Napoleonic Wars, I figured these Bavarians would be Napoleonic as well. Much to my surprise, however, I was greeted with yet another beautifully sculpted WoSS set. 3 standing firing poses instead of the usual 2, some excellent looking casualty figures, a bare flag pole… to say I’m excited is an understatement. These look like a joy to paint as well with the typical cuffs and tricornes of the period. Well done to say the least.
Sublime set.