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Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Hi to all.In general we don’t have excellent set of french infantry in baradin 1812 uniforms esci,italeri, messed up uniforms uncoretly done,then later italeri set chubby stile showed up.waterloo 1815 got us set which I can use it partly but not enough. Hat call to arms too small.airfix the worst of all.looks like bad karma is upon french later period infantry. I got so many headaches for it. I suport all french line infantry in baradin regulation uniforms so I don’t have to buy so many sets to combine and scalvage so many sets in order to convert and get satisfied results.apparently there is no clear winner.if correctly done sets with short gaiters and long trousers (two sets to allow us have variety) that would be multiple buying jump on sets as long as properly regards.