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1813-1815 French Marching

Having just been "window shopping" through some of the various online retailers, I couldn't help but notice that if it's one type of set that always seems to be out of stock, its the HaT or Waterloo1815 French Line Infantry Marching sets.

So, I was wondering that perhaps it may be an idea, for Strelets to produce a proper marching set of French in the near future, who are not wearing their greatcoats, but are instead dressed in typical uniform?
However, instead of the relaxed type marching style of the previous French in greatcoats, make this set in a much more battlefield march-attack type formation. Something more suited to creating disciplined, attacking columns? Basically....the same style as the competitors sets mentioned above?

They are always out of stock lately in the usual places I buy from, so there must be a big need for them to be sold out so much. So that sounds to me like a high demand for these sort of sets. Strelets could thus be missing out on good sales. Think about it.... HaT are so unorganised it is hard to know when their sets will reappear (if at all), & the Waterloo1815 set is quickly snapped up....but slow to be restocked. Loads of space for Strelets to thus take up!!

Failing that, maybe a set of French "in advance/attack" similar to your Bavarians in attack set?

One further note....when making French sets like these, if possible make them with the majority being centre company "fusiliers" with only a small percentage of the set being grenadiers/voltigeurs.
Sets which are designed to roughly follow the French ratio of 4xFusilier companys to 2xFlank companys within a battalion.
If you did that, it would increase the desirability of such sets immensely.

Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Yes, I'd say there is a 'gap in the market' here. The Waterloo 1815 set is, to my mind, a little lacking in character and certainly lacking anything other than fusiliers. At 24 figures in a box it is also not the best value for money.

HaT had the right idea. The right proportion of fusiliers and grenadiers/voltiguers, a command set to go with it too. But a couple of millimetres too small, and those glue-on back-packs are a bit fiddly and take some fixing.

According to PSR there may be a set of 'French Infantry on the march in summer uniform'. I wonder if there is, and what it may contain?

Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Agree all!!!!

Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Hear, hear (approving drumming on the table)! I have been waiting for such a set for ages: proper ratio elites and fusiliers, all in marching pose and with an appropriate command. The Waterloo set lacks marching elites, the Hat set lack good and sharp detail.

Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Totally agree with my esteemed fellow collectors/wargamers/dioramabuilders. True fusiliers and flankcompanies in proper ratio on the march as described and in attack muskets with bayonets lowered in three stages, horizontal for the first line, at two oçlock for the second line and at one oçlock for the third line(you wouldn't want to shove it into your fellow troopers... to recite the ever famous corporal Jones). I would also be delighted if similar sets were produced both in greatcoat(that can cover the whole period from say 1808 to 1815) and in summer uniform for the period 1808-1812. Shall we agree that they will be delivered with bare flagpoles? I would be buying them in quantities.

Re: 1813-1815 French Marching

Hi to all.In general we don’t have excellent set of french infantry in baradin 1812 uniforms esci,italeri, messed up uniforms uncoretly done,then later italeri set chubby stile showed up.waterloo 1815 got us set which I can use it partly but not enough. Hat call to arms too small.airfix the worst of all.looks like bad karma is upon french later period infantry. I got so many headaches for it. I suport all french line infantry in baradin regulation uniforms so I don’t have to buy so many sets to combine and scalvage so many sets in order to convert and get satisfied results.apparently there is no clear winner.if correctly done sets with short gaiters and long trousers (two sets to allow us have variety) that would be multiple buying jump on sets as long as properly regards.