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Re: Latin American campaigns.

Roy Beers
I heartily agree - the nearest I can think of for Latino subjects is some probably very hard to find troops for the Spanish-American War of 1898.
I asked Strelets a while back if they would consider doing Villistas, but at that time it didn't figure in their plans.
I have a substantial number of metal Jacklex figures (which are superb) from that firm's Punitive Expedition range (much of which is eminently suitable for the Mexican Revolution), and have considered trying to add plastic figures to it, or even conversions, but when you consider the splendid job Strelets has done with idiosyncratic figures like Bashi-Bazouks and Ukrainians it's a shame they do not do a few sets of Mexicans for 1910-20,
Many WW1 figures from various plastic ranges are usable or convertible for troops in peaked caps and I have a contingent of Jacklex 1904 Japanese cavalry for use as early-war Federale cavalry (they have the right shako, and a paint job makes them Mexican) ... but it needs more: dinamateros (dynamite bombardiers, who were often small boys), soldaderos women fighters, peasants with machetes, Villista cavalry - etc.
The other periods you mention are also interesting - Jacklex has a new Mexican range for the Maximilian period (including Belgians!) which could be put to many different uses - but I'd argue the Mexrev would sell well. Models2U does an Alamo accessories pack which includes a satisfyingly large selection of plastic cactii ...but we need some more vaqueros to bring it to life.
Models2U does an Alamo accessories

Unfortunately, the saguaro cacti portrayed in that set don't grow anywhere near the Alamo (they're Arizona plants) and wouldn't work for the Pershing expedition for the same reason.

The cactus sets from Pegasus -- pr1ckly pear and ocotillo -- will serve much more accurately, and you can also use them in South America and in the Mediterranean and the Mahgreb, to which they spread from the Americas (my models turn up in Tunisia for WW2 battles).