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Re: Horses/Mules

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

We need draft mules. The US Army used mules to tow wagons from at least the ACW until 1943, almost never used horses to tow wagons. A simple set of 16 mules in harness, and no human figures would be great. No boxes as loads, no machine guns, no bare back mules, just a simple harness to tow a wagon.

This suggestion comes up over and over on all the figure forums and has for at least 20 years, and never gets made. Some always suggests metal, but way to expensive to buy 100+ mules in metal. Or one of the plastic sets with two or four pack mules in it, again too expensive.

16 mules, in harness, in four poses. Very simple set.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog
Agreed Mike. This is a subject that comes up time and time again... And yet....

If any company can do it right now, then Strelets can. Just a few, very few, sets of 'Military Transport' are all we need. Mule trains for one, Camel trains perhaps for another, and Draught Horses for the third. Each with a basic harness and - perhaps - a few token (human) figures. A couple of ACW figures for the Mule train; Arabs for the Camel train; maybe generic Napoleonic (handlers in greatcoats and covered shakos) or generic C18th horse handlers (tricornes) for the Draught horses.

Three sets along these lines could cover many periods and would be very useful. If marketing and sales is an issue, then they might be released in each case as a limited edition; 5,000 sets each.