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Process to Contact to a Real Person at TurboTax

Do you need to file an income tax return? Or do you need to ask any TurboTax-related questions? You can now speak to a TurboTax representative anytime. TurboTax has a vast customer support base that solves your queries 24/7.
However, if you want to speak to TurboTax customer service but have no idea about it, you can follow the procedure below.

Steps by step procedure to connect with a TurboTax live person

To connect with a TurboTax live person, first, get a turbo number from its customer support page online.
You can now press one and listen carefully to the IVR instructions
Now either press 1 for US or press 2 for Canada
Skip all the numbers and choose the number that connects you to the TurboTax live person
You can wait on the call until it is connected to a live agent.
Moreover, you can also take help from the phone menu instructions below to connect with a TurboTax live person.
Press 1 to get help for TurboTax support
Press 2 to get support for quick books
Press 3 to get support for Payroll
Press 4 for ProConnect support
Press 5 for getting check and supplies
Press 6 to get support for payment solutions and merchant services
Press 7 to get support for credit score
Press 8 to get support for TSheets

So using the instructions above and the TurboTax customer service number, you can speak to TurboTax anytime. In addition, there are other ways too that you can use to get in touch with TurboTax, which are as below.

Quick ways to connect with TurboTax Representative

Email support:- You can get assistance via email support on your complaint, feedback, queries, etc. Although the email option is quite slow, it's the most reliable way to connect with TurboTax.

Chat support:- You can use the chat icon on the TurboTax page to connect with its representative 24/7. You can use chat support to resolve all types of queries.

TurboTax community:-It is the best option to get help from; you can join the TurboTax community to get answers to your common questions anytime.

Social Media:-Unlike others, TurboTax is also available on social media pages. To connect with TurboTax on its social media handles, you can follow the link from the customer support page.

You can use these options to connect with TurboTax in one or other ways. You can visit the TurboTax customer support page online to access these options.

You must have got the answers to all your doubts. You can also visit the TurboTax customer service page to explore additional troubleshooting links and information. Apart from this, if you still have any queries, you can post your opinion comments in the box below; we will be happy to answer you.