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Re: Strelets Set 186 French Foreign Legion Early XX C.

Chris Chapin
I did not know about the difference in molds. What a shame to think of all of that creative work no longer able to be reproduced, especially with the level of quality Strelets artists have reached more recently. Oh well.
Interestingly enough according to Wiki the technique that Strelets and many other short-run manufacturers use was invented by a Russian in 1838, the Technique is Galvanoplasty later called Electotype, Its still used today for many things including producing museum Replicas where you can see examples in many well known museums, perhaps without knowing they were actually fakes!...
Check it out I think it may suprise you...

The Advantages from a manufacturers point are obvious, low investment compared with other types of tooling, though I have no doubt it takes a good deal of skill more so perhaps with such small objects...

Your unlikely to end up with to much unsold stock...

Its relatively quick and low tech, cottage industy you could say...

You can easily repeat a success perhaps with even better results...

Is it a wonder why so many small model companys use it...

Perhaps they can make us a video about it would be nice to see.


Re: Strelets Set 186 French Foreign Legion Early XX C.

Found a Video on Utube from the V&A museum, it shows the technique of Galvanoplasty/Electrotyping, in short run the principle is the same but has been modified to create an injection tool where only the primary surface is metal in this case copper.

Anyway you get the idea...


Re: Strelets Set 186 French Foreign Legion Early XX C.

My thanks to everyone for the feedback about this, and especially to Ironsides for that fascinating look at that process. I really am sympathetic with Strelets need to maximize their profit margin by using an economical process. Unfortunately, I had just started purchasing their RIF War series, and their other Arab and Legion sets, and the above mentioned set is already impossible to locate in the states. I am starting to believe that you have to be ready to buy each and every new set as it comes out of the gate. I still think that, given the artists that they have to hire to produce the more recent figures, one would think that they would want to continue to be able to sell these sets on more than just a limited run. The other interesting possibility I have heard mentioned in this forum is 3D production. Perhaps that would make their original casts go further?