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Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

Well, COVID certainly can take people out of action for some time - or worse, and a political crisis is surely something that can affect more sensitive natures - as sculptors and painters certainly often are - and deal a blow to their creativity. Which would be quite understandable. But if everybody just stopped working in the face of a looming crisis, everything would have come to a halt a long time ago. Then again, maybe that would be a means too stop a crisis before it gets worse ... What has me slightly concerned is that - given the easy way to access this forum - we haven't heard from our hosts for quite some time now. So, yeah, let's hope they're on a well deserved holiday somewhere whithout internet connection.

Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

Dear James,

we are steadily navigating through all the storms in tea cup.

As to your post scriptum, you surely know, that it's not in mass media that one should search for the truth.

Best regards,


Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

Best wishes Strelets and may all your storms be in teacups.

I'm still OK for two-three months painting before I need a top up of your lovely figurescouple of mo

Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

Two posts in a day, that's great Strelets.

Thank you for the direct reply.

Kind regards, James

p.s. Nah, I actually read books with some historical content...

Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

In the pub or at alcoholics anonymous

Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

Strelets adds so much to my day to day quality of life, and while my armies grow bigger and bigger, the joy of observing the manufacturing progress, ordering, unpacking, desprueing and setting up the figures does not get any less. And there are so many other aspects to out hobby.

2 thumbs up for Strelets. THANK YOU!!!

Re: Where would we be without Strelets?

I would be financially much better off, but I wouldn't have my beloved Crimean and Boer War armies!