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Re: Terrain/Landscape

Hi Asher,
If you go to the "PLASTIC SOLDIER REVIEW " website click on "Links", then scroll down till you get to " Accessory Manufacturers". Click on the one that says "Linka World". This company sells rubber molds that allow you to cast your own buildings. They also have a gallery that you can look at to get some inspiration as well as building plans on how to build some of the buildings. All you have to do is purchase some casting plaster or casting plastic and you should be good to go.
If you have a 3D printer or have an aquaintance who has one you could purchase files that can allow you to print up some buildings.Here's one on Kickstarter:

I hope this helps.

Paul K.

Re: Terrain/Landscape

Finding sources for WoSS-period buildings is difficult if you are looking for a standalone, all-questions-answered site. At least, I have not found one yet! However, having a look around the many pictures painted at the time (or preferably just before), especially by Dutch and Flemish artists in the late 17th century, does start to provide some contemporary references..assuming here also that you are modelling the campaigns in the 'low Countries' and Flanders. So, for example:

There is a lot out there on the internet to do with building terrain, although as you observe Asher quite a lot of this is to do with Fantasy/Sci-Fi gaming. It is a case of looking around and doing some research on sites like, for instance, this one:

I have not ever used the Linka products that Paul refers to but some of their stone buildings look good.

Re: Terrain/Landscape

Thank you both Paul and minuteman. Both of your responses have helped point me in the right direction, and I especially liked the link to the Dutch and Flemish art. It'll be a good primary source to reference for sure.

Re: Terrain/Landscape

Asher, not sure if you've heard of Sarissa Precision, but they do MDF kits for 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. They may have a few suitable looking village houses or farm buildings?

Re: Terrain/Landscape

Hi Asher,

I can recommend the 15mm range of resin buildings from Hovels Ltd in the Uk, I have the Hougomont, La Haye Saint, Papelotte and La Belle Alliance sets and they are all great for our scale.

They are available painted or unpainted, they also do town and farm sets which i do not have yet but look nice.

For tutorials check out the terrain tutor on you tube he has great tips

hope this helps and welcome to the forum and remember the only stupid question is the that is not asked, so please feel free to ask for help.


Re: Terrain/Landscape

Also, don't forget that you're not confined to just 17th Century buildings. Europe today has many Medieval buildings and even a few dating to the dark ages. 17th Century Europe would have had even more old buildings.

Churches are a particularly common survivor, any nice model of a Medieval church you can find to buy or make will be a perfect fit for your 17th Century village.

Some of the humblest dwellings of the rural working classes can look pretty much the same from Saxon times through to the Victorian age; one room, wattle and daub walls, thatched roof.