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DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

A second-in-a-row and very fine Contribution by Mr Buckingham.

Nicely sun-bleached uniforms here, and what is more....properly sandy 'deserty' bases too! Well done.

The fine poses in this very good set lend themselves to various different scenarios, including obviously patrol-work, but also as men arrayed around suitable DAK vehicles perhaps 'waiting for the word' to advance/retreat etc. As posed here, I cannot help but think that a 'Where are we?' caption might come up, but that is only because of the officer in the centre studying his map while his men wait....either for directions, or orders, or perhaps the arrival of lunch!!:yum:

Only one more consecutive Contribution and this will be an AB hat-trick. Would this be a first for this Forum, I wonder?

Re: DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

Yes great work again Alan!!
The colours & overall effect looks wonderfully "deserty" & "dusty". This was a good set by Strelets & your paintwork has brought them to life nicely. 👍

And yes as Mark says, more "deserty" looking bases this time too!! The effect works nicely.

Thanks for sharing more of your work Alan.

Re: DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

Wonderful work..

Sun-bleached DAK-uniforms...correct colors..
YES..many DAK-Uniforms were light-green... :wink:

Re: DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

Great work Alan,

Which green do you use for DAK?

Re: DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

Thanks Gents, the green, Vallejo 924 Russian uniform, base coat , then dry brush AK3121 Russian uniform lights .

Re: DAK Desert Patrol Contribution

Another super contribution Alan. Whilst I have avoided opening another painting campaign. I must say these are very tempting...