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It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

Will it be a sad or happy Friday? It will depend on Strelets...I hope in a new master...

Re: It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

I agree totally with Zappa and share his wishes of a break of the silence with new coming sets and figures.

Come on Strelets! Give us a pleasure of some new photos. I am hungry and thirsty of new appetizers....

... and eventually a short information which belligrents nations we can still expect for WSS

Re: It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

I'm definitely not counting on hearing from them this Friday, but in the back of my head I am really really hoping we do. Once again though, given the current geopolitical situation they are in, as well as the tedious work that is required of their job I think we will have another sad Friday.

Re: It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

Agreed. Wasnt expecting anything and so far doesnt look like there will be again for another week. As has been mentioned previously, there is too much real world stuff for them to worry about, never mind posting some images of masters.

But for those posters and contributors who are feeling worried about future sets, perhaps just a quick post from Strelets mentioning the status/situation of the company currently??

Either way, take care & look after yourselves Strelets.

Re: It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

Agreed, if people right now don't feel like crafting toy soldiers that's fine with me - though perhaps the world would be a better place if everybody would just field toy soldiers. But a lifesign from our hosts would be much appreciated, just let us know that everybody is ok. All the best and stay safe!

Re: It' s friday !! Sad? Happy?

I’m sure our friends at Strelets appreciate knowing we are all thinking about them. Like everyone else I hope the situation improves and that everyone stays safe.

And perhaps William’s next contribution can be How to get in touch with someone at Strelets. :blush: