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Re: Friday Eve

The recent upsurge in ancients has been quite nice. I am not a proper old timer, but do remember the days where I used some old RISK game pieces as Babylonians and conscripted the first version Airfix British Paratroopers to be Polish infantry for the Italian theatre.

My first Napoleonic set was an accident; I ordered some guys entitled "British Infantry" in order to fit my Italian Theatre armies of 1943-45, but instead Revell's British Infantry for Waterloo showed up. So I built up a little army around them and a few of the brand new HaT sets of French, Dutch, and Austrians. Had no idea about anything Napoleonic at that point, it is not taught at all in a lot of USA school systems.

Welcome welcome! I had a time about 15 years ago where I thought the hobby was doomed in the face of PC gaming, but have actually found that the figures compliment the weaknesses of their virtual brethren nicely. So hopefully everything remains an enjoyable experience for all! :)