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Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

12** new sets of Napoleonics seems perfectly reasonable, James, just once the 12 sets of WoSS newbies are released!:blush:

Hungarian infantry for the Napoleonic wars was, of course, the subject of lengthy speculation on the (now moribund) 'other manufacturer's Forum'; and hoping against hope for anything decent coming from that direction seems, unfortunately, now to be a lost cause.

So 'yes' I'd like to see these too. Although until that time the 'wooden' set (of grenzers I believe??) will have to do.....It does at least have a couple of good poses, and I like the officer marching with his shouldered sabre very much.

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

James Fisher
Dear Strelets,

While we have a rare, quiescent phase on the forum during which you (hopefully) are catching your collective breath and having a well-deserved break (rather than any other, less desired reason), I'd like to make a plug for some of the 12 'slots' for new sets of Napoleonics**.

Could some of them be dedicated to Austrian infantry in shakos please, both German and Hungarian?

There is only one set of these currently on the market. It is okay but does not directly model the Hungarians and is replete with quite wooden poses, several of them anatomically and militarily strange (not to mention lack of command figures). The latter gap is filled in part by a separate command set, but these are more intended for 1800–05/09, plus a number of the figures suffer from having a fair amount of sottosquadra.

It would be wonderful to see you give be-shako'd Austrians the same treatment that you have and are giving the late Russians. They were, after all, "Napoleon's Great Adversaries" and such figures would have uses for 1809 (in part) and 1812–14.

As ever, all the best to you all and thank you for all that you do to bring joy to us all with quality, interesting and varied sets.

Kind regards, James

(**If there are 12 more War of Spanish Succession sets, there must be at least 12 Napoleonics sets that are planned!)
Concerning Austrians - I strongly recommend sets for WW1 of late Austrians and Hungarians wearing helmets, using the new copied weapons like those villa-perosa machine pistols.

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians


Agree with James

Biggest gap in 1/72nd Napoleonics are the Hungarian Hussars.

Would go well with the recent Austrian Uhlan set

All the best to the Strelets team


Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

Yes, Napoleonic Austrian Hungarian infantry and Hussars would be welcome, but please not another set "at rest" or at least only if there are multiple sets. Let's start with "in advance". Some Prussian and Austrian artillery would also be nice, there's no good Prussian artillery available in plastic. And while we're at it. some Prussian Dragoons in litewka in advance and some Russian Dragoons (or re-release the old Russian Dragoons from the Borodino set as a standalone box. Those were fine).

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

I would like to see Strelets do both the helmet & Shako wearing Austrians in Marching, attack/advance & firing at the very least. I wasn't a huge fan of the other companys recent Austrians in Helmets. They are just about "ok", but nowhere near as good as the previous Austrians by them. Sizing & the general appearance of them left much to be desired.

There are certainly loads of potential sets that could still be made for the Napoleonic era. From what has yet to ever be done, to variations of what already exists. I can certainly think of more than 12 sets!!
Cavalry that looks more battlefield ready is a must. Uhlan sets aside, the other sets look way too relaxed for my liking, even for in reserve. They don't have to be in full blown charge, but swords drawn standing ready or in advance will do. The WSS cavalry is a good pattern to follow. Also, having cavalry that looks more ready to fight means a chance to redo the poor horse sculpts!!

Obviously I would like to see British & Brunswickers in square 1st though!! 😁

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

Agree as far as the Austrians and Hungarians are concerned. There were more of them in continuous war with the French then there were Bavarians on the French site. Apart from a fring line and cavalry/artillery, they have been decently covered. Leaving the helmeted and shako wearing Austrian/Hungarian troops short changed. Those would be more than welcome, along with their respective cavalry regiments. So too would the British Rifles be .:innocent: Line infantry and highlanders have been aptly covered. It is time for the light troops to make an appearance. Added benefit: light infantry with stovepipes would also do nicely as regular infantry in Spain. But first the 5/60th/95th. One set would enable us groupies to form both regiments:wink: and we could buy as many boxes as we like.

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

British light infantry in stovepipes also all had shoulder wings so would only be useful for Peninsular British flank companys. I personally would only go for more Peninsular sets if there is the intention to properly cover the other elements such as cavalry, artillery but also Portuguese & Spanish units. Preferably the later uniformed Portuguese/Spanish.
I agree about seeing some light troops made though. With the Revell set out of production, we only have the Italeri 95th rifles and they are quite big and not the best poses to select when there was only 3 of each in a box.

I agree the British line has almost nearly been aptly covered for 1815, apart from the firing line being a miss rather than a hit. I think a in square set should be made as this is sort of the definitive image of the British at Waterloo. Not to mention its awkward and costly trying make squares out of what is currently on sale.
Besides, we have now had 2 sets of highlanders in square when there was only 3 kilted battalions present.
Get a set of Belgic shako British Line made in square as well and then I agree, not much left to be done for that group of infantry.....apart from a firing line remake which is highly unlikely.

Re: Into the hiatus come the Austrians

I would like some Hungarians too. and Grenzers.and a fat command box too. and artillery!!!!