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Re: Future WoSS

I really like the suggestion of an artillery train and sappers/engineers. That hadn’t even come to my mind. But I do agree with all of you in the sense that this range is already extremely generous with its current offerings. Anything more at this point would be a bonus. With that said the fact that we still have around a dozen more sets on the way is awesome. I can’t wait!

Re: Future WoSS

Yeah sorry, I mean to emphasize Habsburg there.

Re: Future WoSS

Dear Asher,

All going well, WSS will have at least a dozen of sets on top of those ones, that have been released already.

Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Future WoSS

Il me faudrait des Espagnole de 'artillerie de siege ? alors il faut des sapeurs ,du Bavarois serait pas mal ,
mais le point d'orgue serait la periode avant Malborough debut de regne de Louis XIV les tenues des troupes tous pays confondus sont extraordinnaires

Re: Future WoSS

Thank you for the response! That is great news to hear.