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Re: "World's Smallest Lincoln Logs"

Hi Cappy,

If you are in the U.S., here's a link to the cheapest seller I could find. Copy and paste the link into your browser:

Enter "Worlds Smallest Lincoln Logs" in the Search bar. If you purchase anything over $50 US, they give you free shipping. The Lincoln Log sets are $6.25 each (eBay and Amazon they are all over $8). That would be (8) sets or more for free shipping. I think the site is for home study families, not really hobby stuff. I bought (10) sets from them. They do very quick shipping to your door.

Don't forget, all the Lincoln Logs have grooves for building. I have had to use a sharp, small box cutter to trim the sides of most of the logs (just the length of the grooves) so they fit snuggly. Some of the fits are too tight! As far as I'm concerned, all of us are pretty resourceful, so it's an easy adjustment for a truely great look and limitless building potenial.

OK, have fun whatever you decide to do! - GC

Re: "World's Smallest Lincoln Logs"

This is quite the find for sure. I used to use Lincoln logs all the time as a kid with my 54mm (1/32) toy soldiers. They were always so versatile. You could make block houses, forts, breastworks, and so many other things. I will definitely be picking up a set or two of these.

Re: "World's Smallest Lincoln Logs"

Thank you for commenting, Asher!

I've always enjoyed picking up the Giant of Hong Kong HO Header Card Fort Cheyenne or Frontier Fort and combining two or three to make a bigger stockade, but there are really no good cabins to put inside. Now I can make a fun Fort Boonesborough with these. I also hope to make a stockade over gate similar to the Marx 1/32 forts.

For those who might be looking to add housing to the Zvezda 1/72 Medieval Wooden Style Fortress these are very close to the same log sizes. Also, Viking Log Houses could be made of these too!

I've always been able to find Stockade Walls to make forts, but not cabins or barricks to put inside. Like most things in our scale for our hobby, these aren't the perfect solution. One will need to buy multiple little sets of these, but the price compared to the original larger Lincoln Logs makes it a good investment.

OK, have a super great Sunday. While we are all still advised to stay indoors for the time being, I'm going to try to be a little creative! - GC