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Future WoSS

Hello all,

With the lack of this weeks Friday submission I figured I'd start a new topic to give myself an excuse to talk about the hobby. Now I'm not entirely sure how the Strelets numbering system works, but so far the sets that have been revealed for the WoSS, range from 230 to 260. Now of these numbers 230-244 are all released, as are 251-257, and 259-260. This leaves 7 blank spaces. Does this mean that we can expect at minimum 7 new WoSS sets in the future? If anybody else has a better idea of how the numbering system works please correct me, but if this is the case I'm curious as to what everyone would like to see made. I personally hope to see perhaps a set or two more of French Fusiliers, as I'm not a fan of the musketeers already made and my existing Fusiliers could use some reinforcements. Along with that some standard French line cavalry, some Spanish, Dutch, and Austrian infantry (I am aware that a set of Austrians have already been announced) and then lastly a set of heavy/siege artillery would be fantastic. Truth be told releases such as these would be detrimental to my wallet, although I'd be lying if I said this series has been already! Anyways, a man can dream. I would love to hear everyone's elses wishes and hopes.


Re: Future WoSS

I think we have already been granted an extraordinary amount of very fine figures for this period over the last two years. Which is much more than we got from Airfix, Revell and Esci combined for the Napoleonic era in more than a decade. So personally I'll be more than happy if all the sets that have not yet been released will make to the stores. Especially the cuirassiers and French Maison du Roi.
If I could ask for more, then generic heavy artillery (seems we may get that one as a model has already been on display) and perhaps an artillery train. Spanish, Austrian or Prussian grenadiers would be great, the regular troops can all be gathered from the existing sets as the biggest difference was the colour of the uniform. French line cavalry, sure. Perhaps some bare or bandaged heads, amongst the infantry sets and maybe a few casulties.
And after that? Move on to the 7YW please :relaxed:

Re: Future WoSS

Seems logical enough to me. If we tentatively assume that Blenheim 1704 is their main focus (or at least one of), then they would hypothetically need some more Habsburg Austrians (a fusilier firing line in addition to the announced marching set?) and Bavarians as a minimum.

Beyond that the field is more open and depends on how deep they want to go. Some Dutch infantry make sense to go with the announced cuirassiers, and arguments can be made for Prussians, Danes, Hessians, Hanoverians, and Württembergers as well.

But I am with Flambeau on this one; the biggest hole in the line right now is heavy cannons, howitzers, and mortars for siege scenarios. Then maybe an additional command and personalities set or two, like the ones they have for the Great Northern War? That would be fantastic. Even if they only produce what has been announced this is already the best 18th Century line ever produced in the 1/72 scale by a pretty wide margin, a far more historically accurate version of Empire: Total War. :smile:

Re: Future WoSS

Only that there was no Austrian infantry at Blenheim ... just cavalry and a lot of Imperial (Reichstruppen, not to be confused with Imperial Austrian) troops. In fact to the best of my knowledge there was no Austrian infantry in any of the Marlborough's battles except for a small contingent at Malplaquet. But of course we do have the Italian theatre of war.

Re: Future WoSS

If I could just ask for one more set it would be generic French line cavalry. Anything else would be a bonus. As already acknowledged, Strelets have already surpassed expectations with this range.

Re: Future WoSS

I really like the suggestion of an artillery train and sappers/engineers. That hadn’t even come to my mind. But I do agree with all of you in the sense that this range is already extremely generous with its current offerings. Anything more at this point would be a bonus. With that said the fact that we still have around a dozen more sets on the way is awesome. I can’t wait!

Re: Future WoSS

Yeah sorry, I mean to emphasize Habsburg there.

Re: Future WoSS

Dear Asher,

All going well, WSS will have at least a dozen of sets on top of those ones, that have been released already.

Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Future WoSS

Il me faudrait des Espagnole de 'artillerie de siege ? alors il faut des sapeurs ,du Bavarois serait pas mal ,
mais le point d'orgue serait la periode avant Malborough debut de regne de Louis XIV les tenues des troupes tous pays confondus sont extraordinnaires

Re: Future WoSS

Thank you for the response! That is great news to hear.