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As always stunning painting, but also stunning photography , a black back round always helps show the figures at they`re best, but yours seem to be floating , how have you achieved it ?

Re: Borodino

'Stunning' is an appropriate word Alan. Another fine, fine contribution! Tremendous viewing on a Saturday morning.

Regards, James

(Quite a few of the horses seem to have that annoying plastic lean. Could be exaggerated a bit by the background which highlights the figures superbly, but also focusses the eye on the figures alone.)

Re: Borodino

As paintings are supposed to be viewed from a distance as opposed to close up. I assumed this was due in part that you lost the detailing and up close daubs of paint would be revealed. However in the case of Borodino's contributions the closer you get the more detailing is revealed. I'm beginning to suspect the dark arts or nanobots at work. How does he do that. I'm going back to bed....
Begrudging admiration and envy !

Re: Borodino

Borodino does many amazing paint and with these excellent photos he does invoice stands out to the maximum works... Maestro !!

Re: Borodino

Beautiful painting but wobbly basing.

The camera, as ever, is merciless.

Excellent work on these fine sculpts..

Best wishes,


Re: Borodino

Beautiful - as usual.

Re: Borodino

Thank you all, I'm moved, I use a phone application (PhotoRoom) but it doesn't always work well.