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Re: Latest Highlander Sets

Good news Alan no need to regroup in hell. Stay well.

Re: Latest Highlander Sets

Hi Jah,

I have always said hell sounds so much more fun than heaven but it might not be compatible with my plastic mountain, perhaps strelets can alter its plastic formulation to make it more heat resistant.

Thank you for kind thoughts


Re: Latest Highlander Sets

Hi Roger,

I know at first i thought the sprue hadn't filled the mould correctly but when i put my glasses on I could make out the forage caps.

The poses are really good and I am a big fan of the wounded figures except for the wounded flag bearer. as that is a pose that is needed in every battalion so would have preferred him fit for action and not on his knees.

I got both highlander sets and the Russian jagers (36 Boxes in total) and I looking forward to more Russians coming out next year.

I am feeling a lot better but I was on a lot of medications that probably helped me get through it better than a lot of people, so please everyone be careful its a nasty thing and i wouldn't wish it on anyone.

thanks for the kind words

Re: Latest Highlander Sets

Just read PSR's review of the firing line. Not a bad score, even lots of praise. I hadn't expected anything else having received the sets two weeks ago. Let's hope for more great sets including the 5/60th and/or 95 th rifles. Now find the time to paint them.:face_with_rolling_eyes: