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Re: WoSS British Dragoons Box Art

Graham A Price
Lovely artwork again , Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mx Strelets! Hope contents live up to it.

Is that depicting Spain perhaps? Just a guess but looks a bit like it to me.

Does that indicate ‘later’ war?

Good work and thank you
Yes, the artist behind these recent WoSS Box covers is doing a very fine job. Indeed, were they to offer the originals for sale anytime soon, I might be interested....

I am assuming that this landscape is meant to be highland Scotland on a pleasant day during the all-too-brief Scottish summer; but I can see now that it might equally be 'somewhere in Spain' in the springtime.

The composition is the only thing that troubles me a little. The fine officer with his pocket telescope scans the horizon (while examining his mens' head-gear close up) while the troops talk amongst themselves. To my mind the officer group and the group of dragoon troopers needs to be the other way around, but this is a small quibble about what is, probably, one of the best examples of box art that we have seen from any manufacturer for quite a long time.

Re: WoSS British Dragoons Box Art

I agree. the artist behind all of these paintings for the WSS series is extremely talented. This picture in particular might just be my favorite, and I even made it my desktop screensaver.