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Hittite King

Years ago I bought more boxes of Egyptian chariots than I needed trying to get the Hittite king, but kept getting the Assyrian king (the bonus figure was one or the other, and there was no knowing which was in the box without opening it). I wrote to Caesar asking what I could do, and they gave me the address of a supplier in Hong Kong who would supply a Hittite king free provided I bought at least half a dozen boxes of any Caesar product. The cost wasn't too outrageous, even with postage, and I was desperate so I did it, and the Hittites have gone into battle under their king many times since. Unfortunately I don't have the address anymore, and as the political situation in Hong Kong has changed dramatically I don't know if the seller is still in business, but it shows the lengths some people will go to to complete their armies!

Re: Hittite King

Here in the EU it looks like a shop in St. Petersburg may have made a similar style of arrangement, charging basically 20 EUR with shipping in order to get both (no chariots, sadly for me). The Assyrian by the way is Ashurnasirpal II (most of their names involve Ashur, their deity of choice and whom the entire culture was named after), he has a number of artefacts inside the British Museum. Cool figure.

Re: Caesar is Back!

Although not really my areas of interest, their sculpts are rather nice. Their choices leave me baffled at times. Why make a combined set of f.i. French and Chinese army? What's wrong with two separate sets, especially while there are hardly any French or Chinese sets on the market?